1z0-1084-20 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer

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The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Associate Exam is designed for all candidates . The exam simulation is intended for developers who are looking to validate their understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and develop applications using cloud-native services and to pass 1Z0-1084-20 or 1Z0-1084-F exam.

Topics Tested:

Developing a high available, highly scalable & secure cloud-native application

– Develop high performing applications & API

– Develop a serverless application

– Develop a secure application

– Manage application persistence

– Develop application using OCI Developer tools, such as, APIs, SDKs and CLI

Deploying a cloud native application

– Deploy the code using existing CI/CD pipeline on OCI

– Deploy a serverless application

– Manage & store the application code runtimes

– Manage the deployment strategy such as blue/green, canary, rolling upgrade

– Deploy an application on Oracle Kubernetes Engine

– Deploy and manage autonomous database for application persistence

– Deploy the base infrastructure using Resource Manager


– Make authenticated API calls to OCI

– Use Encryption in Application Deployment

– Use IAM for Authentication and Authorization

– Use 3rd party tools for secret management

Logging, Monitoring and Alerting

– Develop applications such a way that uses the logging service & send metrics to telemetry service

– Enable logging for OCI services such as Events, Object Storage, Oracle Function

– Enable compute resources for monitoring

– Monitor the application metrics in Telemetry Dashboard

Application Modernization on OCI

– Lift & Shift existing application on OCI

– Craft new Microservices based on Microservices design pattern such as Circuit Breaker, Bulkhead Pattern, API Gateway etc


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