SAA-C02 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

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  • Basic IT knowledge is recommended
  • Better to take some course preferably free AWS course
  • A free-tier AWS account is recommended to follow along with the practice labs
  • Hands-on experience using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services
  • Hands-on experience with AWS deployment and management services
  • Ability to identify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based application
  • Response Types
    There are two types of questions on the examination:
    – Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses.
    – Multiple responses: Has two correct responses out of five response options.
  • Effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies
  • Define a solution using architectural design principles based on customer requirements
  • Provide implementation guidance based on best practices to the organization throughout the life cycle of the project


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70 reviews for SAA-C02 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

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    Review for SAA-C02 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
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    no Names

    Perfect almost all questions from file, passed thanks. Good Support!

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    Arun patel

    Full premium file almost add questions were from here. Cleared mine. Thanks much!

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    passed with 870, perfect !!

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    Sagar Reddy

    I cleared mine yesterday with 790, thankyou 🙂

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    Cleared mine thankq

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    Thankyou so much, it was great and feeling awesome to clear the exam.

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    Really happy to clear this exam. only few questions were not from the file and I got 880.
    Thanks for your help and support

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    anonymous (verified owner)

    Cleared the exam with 890.
    Almost all questions from this file .
    In addition to the questions the explanation of answers for each questions helped too

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    Thank you so much for contacting me and helping me to clear this exam. Almost all were from this file.
    Thanks again 🙂

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    Jyoti Patil

    I also Cleared this on 2nd Jan. Thank you for your support.

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    Thankyou for guidance..I cleared on 7th Jan with 890.

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    Thanks no name

    I passed my exam as well with this dumps.

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    All I could remember was from this dump. But some ans might differ, still got 880. Passed!

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    After practitioner early last week I cleared mine associate today
    Really appreciate your help and dumps.
    Next scsc01 in feb

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    Thank you so much !
    I passed my exam as well with this dumps. this document really helped.

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    Agreed with all reviews…I too cleared yesterday with 880! awesome feeling.

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    How many questions are coming from dumps nowadays from these dumps?

    • itexamcertified

      It is up to date, as of today its updated till 4th Feb. Check reviews, scores are 870+

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    Avik Das (verified owner)

    I Cleared mine too on 4th Feb with 890. Thanks a lot.

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    Passed with 880 on 8th feb thanks for help

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    Cleared mine on today file cover most of them.

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    Really happy with your support and study material provided. I passed saac02 week to next with you and need support further
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    Perfect new file is great has all questions covered in exam. Do read full file thanks.

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    All good with this dump go ahead

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    Passed my exam worth the dump thanks.

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    Read nicely second file has screenshot but as is questions in exam.passed

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    Working dumps thankyou

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    As is questions in my earn from this dumps. I passed with this

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    Thanks for this materiel much better and cheaper that udemy courses. Thanks for supporting

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    Just passed the exam, this is great content and course.

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    Read with understanding will help in long run, file is enough to clear the exam though. I passed yestdy.

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    Puneeth Pandya (verified owner)

    I passed my exam with this dumps. this document really good to pass the SAAC02.

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    prajwal s (verified owner)

    Passed with 880, most of the QA are covered in the file.
    Thanks Team!!

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    Sunita Awasthi (verified owner)

    lot of review for this, and I am aligned with you all. This file is really great to clear the exam. Thanks

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    SkyistheLimit (verified owner)

    Passed yesterday and there was couple of new questions, rest all covered.

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    Passed today and this site helped a lot. 90% of the questions came from this Questions

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    Thanks team for free study material, and all questions were covered in this file. Passed.

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    I cleared my exam today, thanks team for proving the latest updates till last day 🙂 thanks much.

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    100% valied dumps passed my exam yesterday
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    Ketan Bhagade

    Great team this is working dumps at this cost I think no other site is providing
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    I passed with this files I get the full set as is in my exam,100% valid dumps.
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    I passed yesterday and dumps are valid around 80-85%. Some new questions are presented in screen shots pdf provided do read both.
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    Excellent. Cleared with this dumps thanks for helping in clearin doubts and prepartion journey.
    Thanks Team

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    JAYA VINAY PYDIKONDALA (verified owner)

    i got only 243 questions they said 646 questions in pdf

    • itexamcertified

      It has 2 sets and additional latest screenshot to cover all questions till to date. I hope its clear now. Thanks.

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    MichaelD (verified owner)

    Yes ,great to share that it’s working dumps and I cleared mine , Thank you

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    This file is sufficient to pass exam, it covers all. must read
    Thank you

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    This Dumps is working with correct Answer. Mostly all questions are as is.
    Thank you

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    Manish Singh (verified owner)

    This question bank is really good along with files received passed, Thank you

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    vaibhav manjare (verified owner)

    Received only 264 questions and screenshot 193.Where is the other questions as total should be 600+

    • itexamcertified

      As replied over the email, it has 2 sets containing full set of QA for this exam. Question number gets restarted from 1. Screenshots are latest exams from May which are not counted.
      Good Luck!!

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    Rohit Vepuri (verified owner)

    This is perfect, you must add this in your prep to understand and prepare, it covers all QA which I had in my exam.

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    many reviews and I do agree with all, it covers mostly 80% of the questions, new set I got has all in one set so no dramma. Thanks

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    Great dump and I’m pass the exam (June 5th 2021). 90% question are same with the dumps.

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    I recommend this file good value for money all Questions included are real, I passed with this sets of Questions
    Thank you team

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    All question quality is very good. Passed

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    This is awesome, its exactly covers same questions and answers in the exam. I had done preparation from videos but this pdf file really helped a lot to clear my exam, Dont miss this file to read

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    real4_ali (verified owner)

    PASSED with success
    excellent material and professional support after purchases. I recommend this to everyone who want to PASS their exams especially SAA-CO02. GREAT TEAM. THANK YOU

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    This has valid answer as well , good dumps I passed the exam.
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    I am glad to share that I have passed my exam
    Thank you for your support

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    I passed last night, Fantastic platform to prepare for certification exam with explanation of each and every question.
    Thank you

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    Helped to cleared yesterday, I recommnd to read this file. Thanks

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    Riyani S. (verified owner)

    Very good test materials, helped to cleared my exam. Also, they are very supportive and prompt to response for whatever issues you may have

  62. Rated 4 out of 5


    Questions – 1. How many questions are there in the file and Answers are 100% correct?
    2. How many questions have been seen in Aug 2021 from this file.

    Appreciate your response

    • itexamcertified

      All details already on the website. Read the other reviews above. Thanks

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    Param0919 (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for all efforts which you have put in. The pattern of the questions and answers are similar. I got full Confidence after studying test papers. Passed the Exam.

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    The awesome material for exam preparation! It helped to clear easily.

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    Passed my exam, feeling happy and recommend to read this.

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    Cleared today morning with and hoping to get good score as most of the QA are same, Thanks!!

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    Great study materials and references! All good for getting into this exam. I also cleared and agree above all it excellent!!

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    I have read good reviews on this site. still skeptical if it worth buying

    • itexamcertified

      Its uptodate and correct, its working fine for all. So far 100% outcome on this exam and you are covered under refund policy.

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    Sravan Reddy (verified owner)

    Excellent Questions helps a lot while practicing for the Exam, most of them were as is in exam and easy to clear.
    Thank you ☺️

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    Worked perfectly andcleared mine on 26th, some ans needs to be checked but good enough for passing. Thanks team.

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