ANS-C00 AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

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Recommended AWS Knowledge
 Professional experience using AWS technology
 AWS Security best practices
 AWS storage options and their underlying consistency models
 AWS networking nuances and how they relate to the integration of AWS services


Content Outline
This exam guide includes weightings, test domains, and objectives only. It is not a comprehensive listing of the
content on this examination. The table below lists the main content domains and their weightings.
Domain % of Examination
Domain 1: Design and implement hybrid IT network architectures at scale 23%
Domain 2: Design and implement AWS networks 29%
Domain 3: Automate AWS tasks 8%
Domain 4: Configure network integration with application services 15%
Domain 5: Design and implement for security and compliance 12%
Domain 6: Manage, optimize, and troubleshoot the network 13%
TOTAL 100%



A corporate network routing table contains 624 individual RFC 1918 and public IP prefixes. You have two AWS Direct Connect connectors. You configure a private virtual interface on both connections to a virtual private gateway. The virtual private gateway is not currently attached to a VPC. Neither BGP session will?

  1. Attach the virtual private gateway to a VPC and enable route propagation.
  2. Filter the public IP pre?xes on the corporate network from the private virtual interface.
  3. Change the BGP advertisements from the corporate network to only be a default route.
  4. Attach the second virtual interface to an alternative virtual private gateway.



DNS name resolution must be provided for services in the following four zones: company.private.

The contents of these zones is not considered sensitive, however, the zones only need to be used by services hosted in these VPCs, one per geographic region.

Each VPC should resolve the names in all zones.

How can you use Amazon route 53 to meet these requirements?

  1. Create a Route 53 Private Hosted Zone for each of the four zones and associate them with the three VPCs.
  2. Create a single Route 53 Private Hosted Zone for the zone company.private and associate it with the three VPCs.
  3. Create a Route Public Hosted Zone for each of the four zones and configure the VPS DNS Resolver to forward
  4. Create a single Route 53 Public Hosted Zone for the zone company.private and configure the VPS DNS Resolver to forward



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